Paul Edwards Logistics

I am a highly experienced business leader and operational manager with 30+ years’ experience in a wide variety of industries, I have an energetic, results-focused and collaborative style and a track record of delivery in complex, fast paced environments.

I've had a varied career in software development, video games, consulting and education and have had the privilege of working for many great companies including AstraZeneca, Cap Gemini, JP Morgan, Electronic Arts and NaturalMotion.

I am currently working at Mediatonic in London as Studio Director. Following the immense success of Fall Guys, Mediatonic has grown rapidly and we are optimising the operations and organisation as we prepare for an even more ambitious future.

I have a passion for developing people. I have delivered many multi-day training courses and thoroughly enjoy the coaching and mentoring aspects of my job . I spent 2 years as Chief Executive of CodeClan, Scotland’s first digital skills academy helping to establish this visionary training organisation and bring lasting benefit to the Scottish economy.

I served as Chairman of the Board for Scrum Alliance from 2013 to 2015. Scrum Alliance is a not for profit organisation that seeks to encourage the widespread and effective use of the Scrum framework and Agile thinking at all levels in organisations.

My specialities include: Business Strategy, Operations, Agile Leadership, Agile Development, Organisation Design, Coaching and People Development, Programme and Project Management, Leadership Development, Organisation Design, Start Up Incubation, Non-Profit, Lean Startup, Video Games Development and Software Development in general.